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June 30, 2011 / Dan

PR- Right to the Public

As the marketing field rapidly changes to online marketing the public relations field is also changing with technology.  The old PR goal was all about getting that commercial or mention on TV or in large newspapers such as The Wallstreet Journal.  These are still important to some areas of businesses but this should not be the goals of your PR strategies.

Since almost everyone had access to a computer and the internet, Public Relations is really public now.  Instead of just the journlast seeing your news releases, today anyone with access to the internet can see them.  This is a very important concept to remember when writing your news releases.  You now want to write them in a sense that you niche market would want them to be writen.  Also you can start a media room on your website to place all of these news releases in order to help with SEO since you will be updating these constantly.

Just remember the journalists are no longer the only people seeing your news releases.  Write them in a way your customers would want them to be written, and it would be smart to include a Facebook link and a link to your site to get potential customers to check out your sites.


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