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July 3, 2011 / Dan

New Markteing Technique: Google+ ?

Google BuildingThere has been a lot of conversations taking place all throughout the blogging world about this new social networking site by Google called Google+.  I decided after seeing so many different posts about it to see what the fuss is all about my self.  I wanted to see if Google+ could be used by marketers and public relations people similarly as many of the other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It took me awhile to be convinced to check this all out as I was wondering at first what is the point of this Google+ thing.  This is also how I and many others felt about Twitter when it first came out but quickly saw the marketing potential using Twitter.  So I here is a quick outline of what Google+ is and some possible techniques that could be used.

Google+ seems at first glance to be similar to Facebook in many ways, but the difference is is that Google+ is based from one of the largest and biggest Internet companies, Google.  An interesting feature is that Google+ allows users to set up circles of friends.  This is a way that you can share information with a select circle of people quickly and easily.  This could be an area that marketers will want to check out as you could possibly create a circle for each of your products and services and post different content to each circle.

Another area that marketers could use Google+ to their advantage is the Sparks feature that allows users to add interests that they are into.  A marketer could add interests and maybe create relationships with similar businesses to ultimately help your potential customers solve a problem they have.  This is the idea of social marketing, not just advertising your business constantly but to create great content that helps your readers so that if they eventually need a product or service that you offer they will think to use your business to help them again.  So by starting relationships with similar businesses in social networking can help people see that your main interest is helping people and getting them to the right information and not just worrying about your own business and stopping people from seeing your competition.

Overall I think Google+ is here to stay and could be a great tool for people and marketers to reach another area of their niche market.

Photo Credit: Flickr from runningdevine


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