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July 6, 2011 / Dan

New Marketing Techniques vs Old

I am going to start off by saying that the old marketing and public relations methods still may work for some businesses but there are newer and more effective techniques now.

The older marketing techniques such as commercials, print ads in magazines, direct mail, cold calls are all seen as some form of interruption.  This is because in one way or another they are interrupting the person they are sent for.  Commercials interrupt watching a TV show, ads in magazines interrupt articles, direct mail is considered junk mail by many, cold calls sometimes interrupt dinner.  People are getting better and better at avoiding these interrupts all together so it is time to try new marketing techniques that are not an interrupt but help the people instead.

This is where the new marketing techniques now are very important and businesses are starting to see that.  By using things like social media marketing, you can create helpful and interesting content that the readers are looking for instead of interrupting with an ad.  Since people find your website through search engines using certain keywords they are not being interrupted by seeing your website and other online marketing techniques since they are searching for it at the time.

The public relations techniques are also changing as in the past only the journalists saw your press releases, but now everyone can see you news releases.

The other great thing about using these online marketing techniques is that they can all be tracked and you can decide after a few months of testing each which ones are working.  Another bonus is that most are few and only require your time to create content unlike the big dollars spend on TV ads.

Comment and tell me what new techniques you think are working the best.


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