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July 17, 2011 / Dan

A Music Marketing Genius? Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews BandThis is a little different than most of my posts, but I found this to be an interesting example.  I have followed the Dave Matthews Band for many years and have never really thought of them as a marketing genius until recently.  Their marketing must be working as they have successfully created a large following and have been the top ticket selling artists for many years.  How did they do this?

The Dave Matthews Band did this by always creating a relationship with their fans and of course by creating and playing music that their fans would like.  Unlike most bands they focused on the live concerts side instead of albums sales as their main source of income.  This is a great marketing idea for a band and I am surprised other bands have not starting following their lead.

They also used a great marketing technique that not many other bands would even think of doing, allowing fans to record their concerts and trade tapes for free.  Most bands would see this as a loss of their music as people get their songs for free but it has created a whole community focused on collecting great tapes of the band’s biggest shows.  This is closely related to new marketing techniques since it started an online community such as Ants Marching.  This site was first created to allow people to share the tapes they recorded but quickly turned into a forum where fans would talk about the band and many other things as well.  This is a great marketing strategy as the band has created a community that is devoted to their product which is music in this example.

The band has also used social networking as a marketing technique.  The band has a Twitter and Facebook account where they share news and updates about the band with all of their fans, as well as share interesting things such as music that they think their fans would also like.  Along with the band’s twitter, bassist Stefan Lessard has a personal Twitter where he communicates with the fans personally.  This is a great marketing technique that makes the fans see that the band really cares about the fans and listen to what they have to say.

These are the reasons I think that the Dave Matthews Band is a marketing genius.  Whether you like their music or not I think marketers can learn from their success and maybe put some of their marketing techniques to use in their company as well.


Photo Credit: Nitrodog from Flickr


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