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July 17, 2011 / Dan

Creating a Forum on your Site

Another great marketing technique that is free as long as you have a website is to create a useful forum.  As I discussed in my last post, a forum is a great way to create content on your site as well as start a community around your brand and company.  It is also important for a few employees to get involved with the forum to show that your company is reading what people are saying.  Also do not worry if people say some negative things this will not hurt your brand and will help show that your company is not perfect.  As long as you respond to these comments it can help the whole image of your company.

A well designed forum with different built in sections will keep users coming back every chance they get and will allow them to see your site and to read about your company.  A forum is one of the great new marketing techniques that few companies think to try out.



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  1. tremanacron / Aug 6 2011 7:26 pm

    I have gathered a fair amount of opt-in emails from my sites and am thinking of using them to e mail market place . Please share your experience (and guidelines!)

    I have a new client who is a leader in his field. He is well acknowledged in and has a weekly radio present following of about 200 000 listeners. He personally has rather very good brand recognition and His web site has about 4500 newsletter subscribers. He operates in a distinct field that is higher value (advertisers pay a great deal to get in front of his listeners).

    At the moment the website actsis supposed to act as a “news aggregator” that streams relevant news to his web audience for no cost. At the moment he has about 22 000 monthly unique visitors.

    We are contemplating launching a Paid membership aspect of the web site.

    Our plan is:

    1. Launch a “Freemium” membership level and promote it. Offering unique material to folks who register for no cost memberships.

    2. Assuming we generate a lot of sign-ups. Introduce a “Gold Level” membership in which guests would spend a monthly few for exclusive, time-sensitive subject material.

    I would like to hear from people who have expertise launching paid membership web sites.

    Do you feel it is a great notion for us? What are some of the pitfalls to be conscious of?

    I am willing to spend a consultation fee to an individual who has a established encounter launching paid membership websites, in exchange for an hour or two to “pick their brain”.

    I only have a e mail list but have not use it at all simply because I didn’t know how to inbox them.

    i will be paying consideration to the replies to this thread but this is our internet site if i take also extended
    Internet Marketing Vancouver

  2. tremanacron / Aug 6 2011 10:44 pm

    I looked by way of the other sections and figured this was the most relevant to place this query in. I do not have any expertise in owning a internet site but I do have a notion I think would get excellent traffic and would be capable to sell ad area on.

    I’m now carrying out the study to see if it is really worth pursuing.
    That currently being stated I have a handful of inquiries and doubts that I hope you guys can assist me with.

    1. What is the minimum site visitors a web site requirements ahead of it can sell ad area? I know this is very naive simply because there are many types of advertisements but I’m hunting for the minimum figure prior to it is able to location ads other than PPC.

    2. What is the finest structure to use, PPC, CPM, or a set price per ad spot?

    3. How do I set the cost of ad area? Is there any standardized rule that everyone follows for pricing?

    four. I’ve witnessed sites like plentyoffish, and some other people that have a completely generic, and automatic marketing system in which the advertiser does all the function to get the ad placed.

    Is that one thing that every single website programs or produces on their own, or is there a plan I could use that would operate the identical?

    i will be paying focus to the replies to this thread but this is our website if i take as well long
    Web Design Vancouver

  3. Dan / Aug 6 2011 11:22 pm

    Hi, thank you for the comment. I have had some experience in a paid section of a site. I could help you out with any questions you may have in this area. Send me an email at and we can discuss a paid site in more detail.

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