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July 23, 2011 / Dan

Comcast Spotlight?

ComcastComcast offers an interesting marketing technique for business called Comcast Spotlight.  This service places advertisements on some network TV channels on Comcast as well as online advertising on websites such as Vehix and Infinity.

This may be a good strategy for marketing if your company has a large budget for advertising, if not there are other free or low cost ways to reach your target market such as blogs, social media marketing, email marketing and many more.

People has become great at ignoring interruption advertising which is what commercials on TV is.  This is one reason I say Comcast Spotlight may not be a great choice for every business.

Along with TV ads, Comcast spotlight places advertisements online on a select group of websites that reach your target market.  This is also only a good strategy if your company has a budget to spend.  If not, you can reach your same target market by the techniques I mentioned above and in previous posts.  Comcast Spotlight may be something you want to look into, but seems like the lazy way to advertising instead of blogging and social media marketing.


Photo credit: alykat from Flickr Creative Commons


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